The Legend Korean TV Series

October 3, 2009

The Legend


Japanese Literature Assignment

September 19, 2009

Choose one (1) Haiku and write your own analysis.

You can post your answer on this page in the comment section.

Persian Literature Assignment

September 19, 2009

Choose one (1) stanza from “Kubaiyat” and post your own interpretation.

You can write your responses on the comment section of this page.

Hebrew Literature

September 6, 2009


The reporters are Melvin and Cydreck.

The Bible: In the Beginning


August 30, 2009

This is the  animated series of  Ramayana

Mahabharata Video

August 30, 2009

To view the segment on Krishna talks to Prince Arjuna,

Click this Mahabharata Video


August 13, 2009

Chinese Literature

Reporters : Edilmera and Grace

July 28, 29, and August 4.

Hindu Literature

Reporters: Margelyn and Angie

August 13, August 18, August 20